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ECO Newton TS-62 Closing force 2 – 5 to EN - SG, ES, ÖB, SV

ECO <b>Newton TS-62</b> Closing force 2 – 5 to EN - SG, ES, ÖB, SV



ECO Newton TS-62

Closing force 2 – 5 tested acc. to EN 1154 (for door width up to 1.250 mm) continuously adjustable. Latching speed, closing speed and back-check continuously adjustable. Delayed action as option. Same version DIN left and DIN right. Mounting height with mounting plate only 49 mm. Door opening angle: 175°

  • ECOphysis: Door closer and slide rail build a unit in aluminium and stainless steel.
  • ECOclic: The stainless steel cover encloses the aluminium body with the power of spring steel and conceals all of the adjusting elements, thus securing the closer against unauthorized access.
  • ECOmount: Mounting plate according to EN 1154 is completely covered by the door closer
  • ECOvalve: Simple, high-precision and permanently secure adjustment of all parameters of the closing process with one conventional Allen key.
  • ECOgreen: The intelligent construction and carefully planned use of materials help considerably to save resources.
  • ECOcover2: Optional stainless steel cover for the ECO Newton door closers and related slide rails. Please order the lever arm in stainless steel look for the perfect overall appearance.
  • ECOline: The mounted slide rail and door closer are flush when the door is closed. The colours of all materials are perfectly matched - right down to the end caps of the slide rail.
  • ECOvario: Allows the use of all slide rail door closers and can even be combined with different door leaf widths. In this way, optimum value for money can be achieved for each individual door situation.

New packaging:
Set incl. door closer body, slide rail B, arm for slide rail B, mounting plate, allen key, mounting instructions, paper drilling template and ­fixing material.

Applications for the ECO Newton TS-62

The ECO Newton TS-62 can be used everywhere, where elegant design and ease of opening are required. The closing speed, cushioning when opening, closure delay and latching speed can easily & smoothly be adjusted from the front. The closer’s function can thus be ideally adjusted for the requirements of the door concerned.

The opening torque required reduces tangibly.
With its intelligent gearing design, the ECO Newton TS-62 achieves a performance which is ideal when opening and closing as well as being very efficient. The forces which arise when a door is opened are reduced to a minimum, without any compromises on the reliability of the door closing. For the user, this means that distinctly less torque is required to open a door in comparison to other similar door closers. This makes the ECO Newton TS-62 into the perfect problem solver for standard and special-function doors, especially for clinics, nursing homes, kindergartens and schools.

The ECO Newton TS-62 complies with all European standards for universal design with requirements for doors to move smoothly, with an opening torque which quickly drops and with high efficiency:

Extracts from DIN 18040-1:2010-10 Requirements on the design of the door
It must be possible to open and close doors with a low force (max. 25 Nm), otherwise, automatic door systems are required, see DIN 18650-1 and DIN 18650-2, according to table 1 in this standard, from line 12. If door closers are required, then they must be set so that the opening torque does not exceed size 3 according to DIN EN 1154 (max. 47 Nm).

It is recommended to use door closers with smoothly adjustable closing force.
So that people with restricted mobility have enough time to pass safely through the door, closing delays may be necessary.

For fire and smoke safety doors, holding systems (e.g. magnets or a free swing door closer) should be used.