ECO Mounting variants – hinge-opposite side

ECO SR BG (Hinge-opposite side)

Closing sequence control hinge-opposite side for all ECO Newton door closers

  • On full panic doors, the TS-62G (TS-31) and the panic flap MK2 must be used
  • Opening angle: max. 110° (depending on the fold-and frame geometry)
  • Minimum size passive leaf: 600 mm.
  • Scope of Delivery: Without arm, which is part of the door closer. Please specify active leaf DIN left oder DIN right when you order.
  • Mounting: Only hinge-opposite side. Direct mounting BG (sketch 4) or mounting BG with ADP 40 (sketch 5), or mounting with SFW (sketch 6).
  • Slide rail-closing sequence control: The closing sequence control ensures that the door leafs are closingin the correct order. E.g.: the passive leaf first, the active leaf last. When opening the passive leaf, chocks in the active leaf slide rail (mechanical independent from the hydraulics of the door closer) make sure that the active leaf stops as soon as the passive leaf is opened. Tested acc. to EN 1158.