ECO Mounting variants – hinge-opposite side

ECO SR-EFR BG (Hinge-opposite side)

Closing sequence control with continuous cover, two electromagnetic hold-open in the active and passive leaf, integrated smoke detector with optical pre-information about dirt level and automatic calibration to avoid false alarms for all ECO Newton door closers

  • Compatible for smoke detector type: DRM ORS 142, TDS 247
  • Hold open angle for active leaf / passive leaf Active leaf: max. 95º, Passive leaf: max. 95º
  • Power supply: Supply voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Minimum size passive leaf: 500 mm
  • Scope of Delivery: Incl. corresponding cover profile, without arm, which is part of the door closer
  • Mounting: Only hinge-opposite side
  • Rotational axis dimension: X = max. 92 mm (Door thickness + rotational axis hinge, see sketch) For special variants over 92 mm please contact our technical support.
  • Slide rail closing sequence control: The closing sequence control ensures, that the door leafs are closing in the correct order. E.g.: the passive leaf first, active leaf last.
  • Electromagnetic hold-open: In active and passive leaf. Active leaf is held open electromagnetically when opened. If passive leaf is opened additionally, it will be held open electromagnetically, too. At the same time the integrated closing sequence is activated which locks the active leaf. The magnet of the active leaf disconnects, both door leafs stay open.
  • Tested acc. to: EN 1155 and EN 1158 and approved by DIBt.